Production of Packaging Material for Food

Some of our competitors claim that their folder-gluer belts are certified according to EU and FDA requirements for direct food contact. This statement indicates that our competitiors belts are officially certified. However, there is no official certification according FDA or EC1935/2004. It is a self declaration. 

The regulatory situation confirms that folder-gluer belts without direct food contact do not need to comply  with any food contact regulations:
  • Cardboard boxes are used for secondary packaging. No direct food contact and no direct contact with pharmaceutical products (e.g. food is packed in foil, pills in a blister)
  • Even if the boxes would have direct food contact, the transfer of any constituents of the belt material to the packaging material would be negligible because of the fast manufacturing process of packaging materials and therefore a very short contact time between belt and packaging material
  • Usually cardboard and boxes are not manufactured in a food conform environment
  • Box making machines are not manufactured in line with regulations for machines with direct food contact 
  • Empty cardboard boxes are not transported under food conform conditions (e.g by truck)
  • Also the cardboard material itself might not be in line with food regulations (high degree of recycled material containing paper contaminated with printing ink)

Conclusion: Compliance of folder-gluer belts with food contact regulations does not add safety to the packaged food and any such hint is misleading.