Regulatory Documentation

Depending on the application belts need to be accompanied by documentation confirming compliance with specific regulations. 

Documentation for food belts
For your convenience Habasit offers you the possibility to download these documents directly from our website: 
Declarations of Compliance (DoC) for food belts

DoC for Habasit belts and auxiliaries intended to convey and/or process unpacked food provide the regulatory status for European regulations as well as for the US FDA regulation.
The DoC are valid for two years from their printing date and may be modified/updated at any time without prior notice.

The existence of a DoC is not indicating the availability of the product - DoC are maintained over elimination of products from our range.

Flammability Warning
Habasit belts and chains are made of various plastics that will burn if exposed to sparks, incendiaries, open flame or excessive heat. Never expose plastic belts and chains to a potential source of ignition. Flames resulting from burning plastics may emit toxic smoke and gasses as well as cause serious injuries and property damage.
Learn more: Fire Hazard Data Sheet

Declarações da RoHS
Existem diversas regras que restringem a utilização de substâncias perigosas em equipamento eletrónico e elétrico (EEE) a fim de proteger a saúde humana e o ambiente. A Habasit ficará satisfeita por fornecer aos nossos clientes as declarações RoHS que confirmam que os nossos produtos estão em conformidade com estas regras.
Ver e transferir as declarações