MNM-06HXT: Elastic cross apron belt with best-in-class performance

The new cross apron belt MNM-6HXT features dimensional stability, high abrasion resistance, consistent grip and a perfect combination of strength and thickness. Meer:

New Deaeration Belt ENR-12EGSH-L1 with Double Loop Seam

This newest deaeration belt has proven its performance as a robust, universal deaeration belt for both particle board and MDF. Meer:

New Polyester Spindle Tape DS-8

The DS-8 is particularly suitable as a driving belt for medium- and         high-end spinning machines with spindle speeds above 18,000 rpm. It perfectly combines long belt life, high performance, and best-in-class lifecycle costs. Meer:

New S-200HRN Power Transmission Belt

The new S-200HRN Polyamide power transmission belt is particularly suitable as driving belt for medium performance OE-spinning and carding applications. It perfectly combines robustness, long belt life, high performance and excellent life-cycle costs. Meer:


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