HyCLEAN CIP in Deboning Line


Habasit introduced its new HyCLEAN CIP cleaning system with the new generation of HyCLEAN sprockets. The system was installed on one of the deboning lines which has already been equipped with a HabasitLINK M5060 2“ conveyor belt with open and dynamic hinge design.Within a few days a clear improvement of the cleaning process could be observed. The ideal arrangement of the spraying nozzle on the shaft of the new Habasit HyCLEAN CIP system considerably improves the cleaning efficiency on the inner surface of the belt. The special design of the new HyCLEAN sprockets allows the cleaning agent to optimally access the open hinges over the complete belt width during the revolution around the sprocket. Additionally, the HyCLEAN CIP system enables the cleaning of both the belt edges and surface by means of separate spraying nozzles.

Thanks to the new device, customer achieved:
- Improved visual cleaning result after only few belt revolutions
- No more need for additional manual cleaning
- Reliable, repeatable micobiological test results
- Saving of cleaning and labor time
- Substantial reduction of water compared to previous CIP system