Endless Woven Belts

Endless woven processing belts are customized to individual application requirements and are either seamless or woven endless, so they have no splice. The fabric is then coated with DPU, PVC, or silicone, depending on the application requirements. Various belt strengths are available, achieved by altering the weave design. The belts are further segmented by industry.

Cable Puller Belts
Used in the production of large cables where two matching belts pull the cables through the coating process. These belts are often called “caterpillar” or “tractor” belts. A typical cover material for these belts is abrasion resistant PVC.
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Coil Wrapper, Steel Wrapper or Coil Winder Belts
Used in the production of metal (steel, aluminum, and copper). The belts coil the material after it is produced and before it is cut into sheets. These belts have a heavy-duty construction to withstand the abrasion, cutting and emulsions involved with the process. The covers are typically constructed with a thick duroplastic compound.
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Silicone Processing Belts
Used in various high-temperature applications, such as the production of balloons, trash bags and surgical gloves. The cover compound is silicone, and the endless woven carcass is polyester, unless very high temperature resistance is required, in which case aramide is used.
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Rotary molder belts are in use at a wide array of biscuit manufacturers, featuring every kind of dough from dry speculaas, to Danish butter cookies, to Scottish shortbread, to Mediterranean frollini.

The belt fabric is woven endless with real selvage belt edges. Natural fibers such as cotton are standard materials due to their excellent extraction behavior, based on the absorption of fat and moisture from the biscuit dough.  More ...