Belt Types

We offer two seamless belt ranges:

  • Traditional style seamless belts: Panther and Apache series, used for light power transmission belts and as light conveyor belts 
  • Rubber coated (continuous covers molded in process) seamless belts: Grabber series, used as high-friction feeder belts. Grabber high-friction feeder belts have numerous substrates and tailor-made durable covers, which ensure high performance and a reliable feeding process over the entire service life.

Seamless belts offer the following advantages:

  • No delamination or joint failures
  • Minimum pulley diameters
  • Bi-directional operation
  • Low power requirements (Panther and Apache belts)
  • Extremely long flex life
  • Smooth, vibration-free performance
Traditional style seamless belts on ATM Paper handling machine with seamless belts Details of seamless belts on paper handling machine

Due to the broad scope of use of seamless belts, specific application details are essential. Please fill out our design worksheet so that we can recommend the most appropriate belt for your particular requirements.

Please contact Habasit for more information.