Rotary Molder Belts

Rotary molder belts are in use at a wide array of biscuit manufacturers, featuring every kind of dough from dry speculaas, to Danish butter cookies, to Scottish shortbread, to Mediterranean frollini.

Rotary molding is a key process in shaping biscuits

Engraved rollers are used to shape biscuits from dough. The rotary molder belt (also called the extraction web or brayband) extracts the raw biscuits from this roller supported by the forces of the extraction roller driving the belt.

Tight transfer to the next processing belt ensures biscuit shape integrity. A seamless belt is preferred over products with a join in order to achieve uniform extraction and continuous biscuit molding quality.

The broad choice of belt designs on offer can meet every need, resulting in:

  • Perfect biscuit shaping
  • Low dough wastage
  • Long service life