Printing Blankets

Habasit printing blankets for the textile industry are well-known for their excellent quality and high reliability. They are used for flat screen, rotary and digital printing machines. Habasit printing blankets ensure high printing accuracy, quick installation, and excellent ease of use.

Performance Printing Blankets
Habasit’s performance printing blankets are designed for applications requiring a high level of resistance to solvents, minimum downtime, and optimal printing results. They are designed either for narrow modern printing machines with electronic controls or very long printing tables requiring stable printing blankets with high geometrical stability, or for rotary machines with magnet systems over 12 colors.
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Premium Printing Blankets
Our premium printing blankets are designed for high-end printing machines requiring high performance to meet very demanding needs. All our premium printing blankets guarantee low deviation of the neutral layer position, as well as a narrow thickness tolerance over the entire printing blanket area.
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