Overall Design

Premium TPU belt material for food safety

Habasit Cleandrive belts are manufactured using premium TPU that features superior abrasion resistance and hydrolysis resistance, and is inherently resistant to microbiological attack. The belt is designed to withstand the most aggressive cleaning protocols and chemical agents in a wide temperature spectrum extending from low temperature freezer in-feeds to high temperature fryer out-feeds.
Conventional monolithic materials and Habasit Cleandrive made of premium TPU

Food safety

Habasit Cleandrive belts meet the currently relevant EU and US food contact regulations and are certified by the Japan Food Research Laboratories (JFRL). For details, please contact your Habasit representative or check our websites for information on compliance with the respective food certificates - the Declaration of Compliance (DoC).

USDA M&P/Dairy approvals are available on some belt versions; please contact your Habasit representative.

Monolithic belt design for hygiene

The fully extruded monolithic belt design of Habasit Cleandrive belts is completely free of fabric members that could fray during use and pose a food safety risk. The solid yet flexible belt design is free of the cavities, joining rods and crevices normally found in hinged belts, making Habasit Cleandrive very easy to clean.
Fabric belts with frayed belt edges and Habasit Cleandrive monolithic belt design

Aramid reinforced belt design for performance

Habasit Cleandrive is designed with aramid tensile members for continuous dimensional stability. Belt service life is further extended through reliable sprocket engagement and slip-free pulley action, which reduce belt wear, maintenance and downtime.

These benefits make the Habasit Cleandrive conveyor the safe choice for hygiene-sensitive food processing applications.

Conventional cordless monolithic belt and Habasit Cleandrive aramid reinforced friction drive