Modifications and Special Treatments


Guides, cleats and side walls are the most common modifications applied to conveyor and processing belts. While V-shaped profiles are mostly attached to the running side as guides, various cleat designs can be welded or bonded to the conveying side to ensure proper transport either horizontally or on an incline. Side walls positioned close to the edges of the belt stop loose goods falling off.
Details about belt attachments can be found in Profiles.

Edge sealing

Habasit can edge seal TPU, TPO and PVC coated conveyor belts. Edge sealing is an additional hygiene measure mostly found in food applications to protect the inner layer of coated fabric belts from soiling with liquids or contamination with microorganisms. It can also be applied to avoid fiber contamination of products, machines or bearings. 

Hole punching and perforating

For use on vacuum conveyors, belts can be punched in a wide variety of patterns. Flexible hole diameters permit the optimum layout to meet your construction needs. Please tell us your requirements.