Extensive Tests Prove Abrasion Resistance

Graph with abrasion index

Wear Index Test
Comparison of abrasion and wear values against defined hard food particles


(TPU surface = 1; based on lab test; high index = high risk of abrasion)

A = Typical TPU-coated belt
B = Typical TPO-coated belt
C = Habasit Cleanline Generation II

As the test above is only indicative, Habasit extended it to a test of cleaning the belt surface with scrapers, cleaning very abrasive material from the belt surface.


Test description:
Salted goods can be particularly aggressive on the surface of conveyor belts. In order to observe the improvement of the Habasit Cleanline Generation II the original Habasit Cleanline formulation and the 2nd generation was tested for over 100 hours continuous operation running using a TPU scraper with rock salt on the surface of the belts.

Scraper test with rock salt

TPU Scraper (Shore A 92) test
Weight loss from the belt after 100 hours scraping salt (%)





D = Habasit Cleanline 1st Generation
E = Si/TPU Blend
F = Habasit Cleanline 2nd Generation

After 100 hours significant damage to the CNB-6EB original Habasit Cleanline material was visible, whereas no damage to the Habasit Cleanline Generation II was observed after the same period.


Both tests confirm:

  • Substantial improvement compared to Habasit Cleanline first generation and other TPO coated belts
  • Surface wear resistance exceeding the durability of products with a TPU / silicone blend as used also for good release and good surface wear