V-shaped, T-shaped and Flat Extruded Belts

Habipur V belts 

Habipur V- belts are trapeziodal profiles that are used in linear conveyors especially in ceramic and material handling industries. They are available also in the reinforced version (Habipur VR), for heavier applications.


T-shaped belts

T belts are specially profiled belts with a teeth-shaped running side that are used on linear conveyors and diverter applications especially in the bakery industry and in food processing in general. The tooth helps the belt to run stable.


Flat belts

Habasit flat belts are monolithic belts and can be used to convey goods in different applications or as sideskirts on a conveyor. As an alternative they are an accessory for fabricated belts (i.e. as special cleats or sidewalls) or as a cover for timing belts.

Not all products are available in each country; please check with your local Habasit representative.