FNB-01TECH-E1: Proven Belt with Addition of Antistatic Properties

Up to now, our range has been missing a permanently antistatic product. We are now closing this gap with the introduction of the FNB-01TECH-E1

The new FNB-01TECH-E1 is an extension of our elastic TPU food belts range. The introduction of this new elastic belt with antistatic properties, based on the FMT-02TXC-U1, has been developed to cope with the requirements of higher speed equipment in the meat and poultry industry. 

Permanently antistatic TPU food belts are well-established in the market, however, Habasit has differentiated this product by combining the UV-C feature and hydrolysis resistance that we have integrated into the unique design of the FNB-01TECH-E1. Some competitor belts offer similar mechanical properties, as well as good chemical and hydrolysis resistance, but their range does not include an antistatic version.

The new FNB-01TECH-E1 features all the properties of the base product FMT-02TXC-U1, plus a permanently antistatic bottom layer:

  • Highly wear resistant TPU for long lifetimes and controlled elasticity – no overstretching
  • Hydrolysis resistant TPU compound to cope with the requirements of the wet food industry for cleaning and hygiene
  • UV-C resistant TPU compound permits use with UV-C disinfecting devices without compromising belt lifetimes