Habasit Cleandrive Friction Drive Monolithic Conveyor Belts

Habasit Cleandrive friction drive aramid reinforced monolithic conveyor belts deliver significant advantages compared to conventional conveyor belts in dry and wet applications.

The advanced design of Habasit Cleandrive friction drive conveyor belts meets customers’ most complex process requirements while also providing stringent hygiene and high cost-efficiency.

Monolithic design for hygiene

The fully extruded monolithic belt design of Habasit Cleandrive belts is completely free of fabric members that could fray during use and pose a food safety risk. The solid yet flexible belt design is free of the cavities, joining rods and crevices normally found in hinged belts, making Habasit Cleandrive very easy to clean. 

Frayed fabric belt edges and Habasit Cleandrive monolithic belt design

Increased processing yield

Habasit Cleandrive friction drive conveyor belts with their flexible yet strong construction cater for the smallest possible pulley diameters, thus minimizing product damage and product loss in transfer situations, and improving processing yield.

Conventional monolithic belts - large transfer diameterdue to hardness of material while Habasit Cleandrive offers narrow transfers

Habasit Cleandrive friction drive monolithic conveyor belts are the correct choice when the food processing application requires maximum hygiene and/or easy product transfer.