New HabaSYNC® Timing Belt RPP8-S-01

The new HabaSYNC® RPP8-S-01 timing belt has a parabolic tooth shape which offers smooth tooth engagement with pulleys to decrease friction.

The RPP8 belt type is used in applications such as in automation for linear actuators, lifting applications, packaging machines or light power transmission applications.

This latest addition to the HabaSYNC® timing belt family, the RPP8-S-01, is a great low-friction option with its parabolic tooth shape for smoother pulley engagement. This parabolic tooth shape provides vibration-free meshing in and out of the drive pulley allowing lower noise levels, especially at higher belt speeds. The transversal groove in the tooth head supports this benefit by allowing the air to escape while the tooth is engaging the pulley. The white 92, Shore A TPU provides excellent wear resistance as well as oil and chemical resistance.

This new belt is a made-to-order item. Please contact your local KAM for further details.

Product code 

Habasit item number 


RPP8-S-01 UU25


Tooth side: unprocessed matrix material

Conveying side: unprocessed matrix material 

RPP8-S-01 PU25


Tooth side: Polyamide 66, green fabric

Conveying side: unprocessed matrix material

RPP8-S-01 PP25


Tooth side: Polyamide 66, green fabric

Conveying side: Polyamide 66, green fabric