Extending Belt Life - Saving a Lot of Money


After having success with the TT12/HR Matt in a similar toaster pastry application, this is the product we recommended. First, a test was performed, because we were looking for high release of the sugar in the icing and a durable cover to scrape against.Getting good release of the sugar and no build up, we have been able to use a neoprene scraper only and not have to resort to a metal scraper.

Because the customer is not required to change the belt out every month, significant labor dollars are realized.According to numbers provided, this is the savings breakdown: we expect the TT12/HR Matt to have 4 times the life due to the success of the test as compared to the competitor’s belt type. The cost of the replaced belt is almost just half the price of TT12/HR Matt. But taking into account the extended lifetime by four, it results in an annual material savings of about 55%. As far as labor is concerned, the company saved 75% in labor cost annually just by only having to change the belt three times a year instead of monthly.